img_0060On my regular visits to Larne to visit my mother, I often pass Asher’s bakery and restaurant. It is on the roadside on the way out of Larne, just beyond Millbrook. Depending on the time of day and my schedule, I have been known to stop there for some refreshment. The mini-fry on offer is really hard to resist, and it must rate as one of the best deals anywhere. It is a fry of the highest quality, but as Patricia has pointed out, the fact that it says “mini” in front of it doesn’t make it healthy.

I am reliably informed that David Jeffrey, the Linfield boss, is also a regular customer at Asher’s and has been known to enjoy the odd mini-fry. So if it’s good enough for a finely-tuned athlete like Big Davy, it’s good enough for me. Maybe if Linfield get their act together at the climax of the season and win the championship, we could all celebrate by enjoying one of Asher’s mini-frys. Now if we were waiting for Larne FC to be successful before treating ourselves, we might never taste the delicacies on offer at Asher’s. What a shame!

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  1. Asher’s date and apple wheaten is lovely. Could you persuade them to open a branch in Portadown, Stafford?!

  2. It’s a very healthy and nutritious meal comprising sausage, bacon, egg, and fried pancake, soda bread and potato bread with a generous amount of brown sauce. All athletes in this part of the world say that it enhances their performance and boosts their metabolism.

  3. So, to link up with the hospital stairs “you have now climbed 4 flights of stairs and have burnt enough calories for 2 Ashers mini fries” . . . .

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