dsc01787For over 100 years, Scripture Union has organised CSSM at Portrush, as well as at lots of other seaside locations. This year Portrush CSSM was a particularly successful venture, and as the pictures show, the sunset special (with sunshine!) on the east strand was well-supported by children and their parents.

The abbreviation, CSSM, (which stands for Children’s Special Service Mission) is not particularly catchy, but for many grown-ups it brings back wonderful memories of childhood days spent at the seaside. For many people, it was a decisive turning point in their lives as they committed themselves to following Jesus Christ. I am not unbiased; my own children have benefitted enormously from its ministry at Portballintrae, and my son and daughter continue  to be involved as leaders . dsc01788

Dr John Gillespie, the leader of Portrush CSSM, has been involved for almost forty years as man and boy, and each year he continues to recruit and lead a great team of dedicated young people. The large number of children and young people attending this year is testimony to the quality of the leadership and the attractive programme of music, fun, quizzes and activities.

There are so many parents and grandparents who are grateful to Scripture Union and CSSM teams for continuing to provide such a significant influence for good and for God in the lives of their children.

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  1. I have just today stumbled on your blog and am enjoying reading about what you have been doing. CSSM particularly stood out for me. In our lovely part of the country (the Mournes) we also have a fantastic CSSM with a great team. They had over 300 children on some days. All the teams do a great work and many people do not even realise something like this happens. The seeds that have been planted from an early age do grow into amazing trees!

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