Garvagh Museum

img_0170As we travel around on our visits, Patricia is compiling a list of places to suggest to her PW committee for an outing. I’m also looking for possibilities for trips for our Lads, Dads and Grandads. This week we added another real possibility: Garvagh Museum.

You have probably never heard of it and could be forgiven if you thought that Garvagh wasn’t a big enough place, or even interesting enough, to have such a facility. But it really does exist and it is a wonderful visit. At 2 pounds a head for adults it is also great value for money.img_0166

Tucked away on Main Street behind the High School, George McIlroy has brought together an amazing collection of machines, instruments, vehicles, photographs, papers, and artifacts which will amaze and entertain. As well as giving a great insight into life in the Garvagh area during the late 19th and much of the 20th century, this museum tells some amazing stories. In days before the papparazi, there is a riveting photograph of the 1908 Garvagh murderer being led away by police officers as he attended the funeral of his victims. He was later executed in Londonderry. It is a fascinating and true story that competes with anything written by John Grisham.

There is nothing stuffy about this museum. The artifacts can be touched and handled. So if this summer proves to be a bit damp and cold, and the beach isn’t a desirable destination, take a wee tour through Garvagh and drop in at the Garvagh Museum. Whatever your age, I believe that you will be enthralled, informed and entertained. Well done, George, for putting together such a great collection.