The Death of Respect

These two programmes on the problems in British society are among the best television documentaries I have seen in a long time. Am I the only one who suspects that one of reasons why the BBC put these programmes on at such a late hour was because their conclusions were so non-PC? Particularly, what Judge Coleridge had to say was refreshingly straight-forward.

The conclusions reached by John Ware are a challenge to the government, both national and local, as well as to the church. If he is right, then those of us in leadership in the church should be addressing the causes of our problems more directly. But we know that we cannot impose an “outside in” solution. It has to be “inside out”. In other words, legislation will not solve the problem totally. Hearts and affections need to be re-oriented. But maybe we should be doing more in showing people that God’s design and pattern for marriage and family is the answer.

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  1. I too watched both documentaries, and I am surprised that I detected no debate about the issues raised in the broadsheet press. The programme have already been taken off iPlayer…

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