Marching through Georgia

jw1The other Sunday evening I was preaching in Portrush on the theme “Burning Hearts” from Luke 24 and a committed Wesleyan in the congregation reproved me (in the nicest way) for failing to mention John Wesley’s Aldersgate experience in my sermon. It was an obvious and good connection that I had omitted.

So this week, while spending a few days break in Georgia, I visited Savannah where John Wesley ministered so effectively, and came across a significant monument to his memory in the historic district of this great southern city. It was also interesting to note the recurrent use of the name “Epworth” throughout this American city and district. Portadown people know the name well as Wesley’s birthplace and as the name of one of the Methodist congregations in the Portadown circuit. We continued our “march” through Georgia encouraged by the remembrance of the founder of Wesleyan Methodism.