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Muriel’s retirement

September 2nd, 2009
Muriel and Robin

Muriel and Robin

Another member of Church House’s “Carnmoney mafia” has gone into retirement. My good friend, and committed member of Carnmoney Presbyterian Church, Muriel Manson, has retired from her position in the Mission Overseas office of Church House. Muriel is one of a number of members of the Carnmoney congregation who worked in Church House. Clare and Kathy still remain, but now Muriel joins Jean and Ellen in retirement.

Everyone who spoke at her retirement party acknowledged Muriel’s enthusiasm and commitment to her job. She will chiefly be remembered for her smile and her pleasant, positive approach. Thank you, Muriel, for all that you have done in serving our church.

She promises that she and her husband, Robin, will make full use of their free travel passes, and that swimming and rambling will be part of her new schedule. It sounds as if Muriel will be as active in retirement as she ever was. Go for it, girl!

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