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Answers to hard questions

November 26th, 2009

The Bible says that Christians should always be ready to give a reason for their faith and hope (I Peter 3:15). So it’s important that we think about the hard questions that our friends ask about Christianity and are ready with some intellectually-respectable answers. Here’s an interesting resource from “A Passion for Life” that attempts to answer some of those questions.

This particular clip is Don Carson’s answer to the painful question about hell, but there are many other critical questions that are addressed. The answer which Don gives to the question about God’s existence is also very good. I think that these direct, clear, cogent and winsome answers are helpful and instructive not only for those who are asking the questions, but also for those who are trying in everyday conversation to answer them. My children tell me that these are questions which their contemporaries ask and discuss.

One suggestion that has been made to address the decline of the Presbyterian Church in Ireland is that we re-institute the biblical office of evangelist, and train people to fulfill this role. If we were to do this, then clearly we would expect such evangelists to be skilled in addressing and answering these kinds of questions. But if every Christian is called to offer a defence for their hope, then maybe these key questions should be addressed from the pulpit more regularly. An informed and well-taught membership is critical for the health, vitality and mission of every church.

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