Senior Winter Olympics for Cullybackey

Tobar Fold, Cullybackey, on December 27
Tobar Fold, Cullybackey, on December 27

Cullybackey is an unlikely venue for the Senior Winter Olympics, but it seems as though the local authorities, by their inaction, are trying to prepare a skating rink or an ice dance arena for those in the older age group.

By refusing to salt the footpaths and driveway outside Tobar Fold, they have created a facility which the residents of the Fold could use to prepare for winter sports, but only at the risk of serious injury. A quick poll of residents revealed that none of them had in fact aspirations for the 2012 Winter Olympics, even if it is re-arranged to Cullybackey.

Seriously, the situation can only be described as ridiculous. Access to and from the Fold is dangerous for residents and visitors alike, and someone needs to take responsibility for removing the hazardous conditions by applying some salt. Maybe some influential person will read this and take some action.

In the meantime, my elderly relative who lives in the Fold is trying to see the brighter side. “If you seen them gettin’ and in and oot o’ cars, it’s a quare bit o’ oxtercogging.” I’m not sure if oxtercogging will ever make it as an Olympic sport, but there’s plenty of opportunity to practice around Kilmakevit.