Peadar Heffron

peadar-heffronI was able to visit Peadar Heffron’s wife and family today. They are maintaining a loving and caring watch over Peadar in hospital as he is treated for serious injuries received last week as a result of a bomb attack on his car. He is critically ill and he needs our prayers.

Peadar is one of a new generation of police officers serving in the Police Service of Northern Ireland. A Catholic, a fluent Irish speaker, and the captain of the PSNI Gaelic football team, Peadar joined the PSNI determined to make a difference in this community. His courage and commitment are in stark contrast to the cowards who planted the bomb under his car with the intention of killing him.

His wife of a few months, Fiona, is an intelligent, resourceful and articulate woman who is showing great courage and emotional strength at a most stressful time. And Peadar has a wonderful family who welcomed me so warmly when I called to see them. They are rural County Antrim people who are displaying a remarkably positive spirit in face of an evil and despicable attack on their son and brother. Whatever challenges lie ahead for Peadar, he will be much-loved and well-supported. Peadar and his family have received messages of support from so many people, and from many fellow police officers across the world.

Please join me in praying for Peadar’s recovery, for his wife, Fiona, and for his parents, Frank and Eithne. ┬áMay Peadar know God’s healing touch, and may his family be upheld by the grace and power of the Lord.

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  1. I mean, of course, thank you for visiting them. THEY are all in our thoughts and prayers. As are the sad individuals who thought destroying such a life would be a good thing.

  2. I learnt this evening of this sad news. My best wishes to peadar and his family. Peadar is so much a better person than the despicable individuals who planted the bomb. May the bombers awake every morning to think what cowardly human beings they are. May peadar make as good a recovery as possible and get back to playing sport. All the very best to peadar and his family. Love and prayers from derbyshire, England

  3. Go raibh mile maith agat. Thank you very much Pastor for your time, your prayers and your thoughts. Its a pity that more people have not committed more time to prayer. They are to busy having a laugh at Mrs Robinson rather than considering the crime of attempted murder.

    Bilingual Girls Brigade Catholic.

  4. We continue to pray for Peadar and his family, privately, and at our public services of worship. May the Lord bless them and assure them of our love and best wishes.

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