Christianity and Evolution

bruce-waltkeThe issue of the relationship between science and Christianity continues to be fraught with controversy, and during this past month it made the news headlines with the resignation of Professor Bruce Waltke from the faculty at Reformed Theological Seminary in Orlando, Florida. The ABC report can be viewed on Youtube.

Professor Waltke is a preeminent Old Testament scholar, holding doctorates from Dallas Theological Seminary (Th.D.), Harvard University (Ph.D.), and Houghton College (D. Litt.). His teaching appointments at Dallas Theological Seminary, Regent College, Westminster Theological Seminary, and at Reformed Theological Seminary Orlando, have earned him a reputation as a superb teacher with a pastoral heart. In addition to serving on the translation committee of the NIV and TNIV and as editor of the Spirit of the Reformation Study Bible, Waltke has written commentaries on Genesis, Proverbs, and Micah. His latest publication, An Old Testament Theology: An Exegetical, Canonical and Thematic Approach, earned the Christian Book Award in 2008. Continue reading “Christianity and Evolution”