New facilities

High Street, Holywood

These past few weeks have included a number of congregational celebrations connected with completed building projects. Unfortunately I have not been able to reproduce here photographs of them all, but each one is testimony to the dedication and commitment of individuals and congregations who in difficult economic conditions, and in spite of the PMS crisis, have completed their projects successfully. It has been a real delight to have shared with each congregation as they have given thanks to God for the provision of new facilities.

Newcastle congregation, in spite of a number of setbacks, opened their new facilities at the beginning of May. The work they have completed is very impressive and will clearly enhance their ministry in the busy seaside resort. Of particular interest is the beautiful flat which will be made available to assistant ministers in the congregation, and will certainly make the Newcastle assignment much sought after among all future students for the ministry. I imagine it might even cause some active retirees from the ministry to offer their services to the congregation.

Irvinestown congregation have a beautiful new building which was opened officially last weekend, and which will greatly benefit the work of the congregation in the town as well as in the whole Fermanagh area. Once again, a bright, attractive building is evidence of the faith and vision of both the congregation and the Board of Mission in Ireland.

High Street congregation in Holywood have completed the second phase of their re-development and are strategically placed in the town centre to carry on their witness and ministry. Once again, a dedicated team of committed people have worked very hard to see this project completed, and are to be congratulated on what has been achieved.

So if you are out and about this summer along the Gold Coast, around the Mountains of Mourne, or in Fermanagh’s Lakelands, watch out for these meeting houses, and if the doors are open, check out the new facilities and rejoice with those who rejoice in a job well done.

Postscript: If anyone has a digital photograph of the Newcastle new facilities or the Irvinestown church building, I will be happy to post them here.