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PCUSA General Assembly

August 28th, 2010

Here is a sample of what went on at this year’s PCUSA’s General Assembly. People dressed up as animals, and figures from what looks like a Mardi Gras procession, mixed with ministers and others in an attempt to celebrate what apologists for this scene say is just PCUSA’s way of paying homage to “native American spirituality”. It all looks a bit pagan to me, and certainly out of place in a denomination that claims to be Christian and reformed.

PCUSA General Assembly

Here’s another event, a communion service, with the “big puppets” to the fore, and some form of liturgical dance. Whatever changes the PCI’s Arrangements Committee contemplate for our General Assembly, I hope they don’t go down this road.

Given the other decisions and proposals of the General Assembly with regard to Christian marriage and the place of practising homosexuals in leadership, it seems that PCUSA has drifted away from its biblical and reformed roots. But some people have been pointing that out for many years.

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