The Manse

It’s where I live, and this past week, since St Patrick turned up the warm side of the stone, it has been delightful to be outside and to see all the signs of Spring. Bob, the gardener, has been busy getting everything in shape as he has scarrified the lawn, trimmed the edges, cut the grass, and given the whole place a tidy-up. The manse was built in 1855. Monkey puzzle trees were a “must have” in every 19th century garden, and this one was no exception.

On the other side of the rather brown beech hedge on the left lies “the orchard”. In a previous generation, the apples in this County Armagh garden provided an additional income for the incumbent living in the manse. All the apple trees in the garden, except one, are now gone. But this past autumn that one tree provided more than enough fruit for the occupants of the manse.