Here’s another of those questionnaires that professes to let you know where you are on the religious map. I was relieved to discover that I came out as 100% mainline orthodox Protestant, but was a bit surprised that I am also 99% orthodox Quaker! moyalnsm

I do like the Moyallon Quaker Meeting House. It’s a great setting and we have enjoyed many good times there with church groups. Maybe more of Quakerism has rubbed off on me than I realised. Some of my Quaker friends would say that’s not a bad thing. You might like to try to take the survey and see how you come out.

2 Replies to “Belief-o-matic”

  1. Mine was 100% Orthodox Judaism but only 94% Conservative Christian/Protestant, which is my natural home. Maybe a touch too much Fundamentalism showing through.

    I thought the first page warning was interesting … “Belief-O-Matic assumes no legal liability for the ultimate fate of your soul.” Do they fear being sued from the grave?


  2. To my great relief 100% Conservative Christian/protestant, but what is the 87% Church of the latter day saints all about???

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