Bobby blowing the bagpipes
Bobby and his bagpipes

It was my birthday yesterday, and as a total surprise, my wife not only invited a few friends for supper, but got our friend Bobby to come with his pipes and to play, among other things, “Happy Birthday”.

Some time ago I had said, rather lighheartedly, that I would like a piper at my funeral. Patricia’s response was, “Why wait till you’re dead?” So you can imagine my surprise when, as we sat with our friends in the back garden last night (about the only night this year that one could sit outside comfortably) Bobby appeared in full regalia playing his pipes. It was wonderful! “Highland Cathedral”, “Scotland the Brave”, and a few favourite hymn tunes echoed around the neighbourhood. I have no idea how our neighbours reacted, but I hope it made them smile. It really was a lovely relaxing evening with our friends, a suitable time of refreshment ahead of what may be a very challenging week chairing the meetings of the General Assembly. Thank you, Bobby, and thank you, Patricia. It was a great birthday.

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  1. Happy belated birthday. We enjoyed a barbeque last night. Hope all goes well this week. I will be doing my exams.

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