Lawn update

dsc01707Since Bob the gardener took over the lawn at the manse he has been tending it most carefully. It was scarrified, fertilised, raked, and cut several times. But Bob’s still not happy with it. There are still a few brown patches, but the improvement is significant. A number of years ago the lower part of the lawn was a tennis court, and with Bob’s efforts, it might actually be used for that purpose again. Maybe with a bit more care and attention, it will approach Wimbledon standards?

I am told that the previous two ministers of First Portadown who served as Moderators of the General Assembly had their photograph taken on the lawn in front of the manse with the Session and Congregational Committee. So plans are being made to repeat the shot on a suitable evening in June. My bet is that the lawn will be looking better than those of us in the photograph.