Father’s Day cupcakes

img_0110My thoughtful and creative eldest daughter gave me a different kind of Father’s Day present…cupcakes with a golf theme! It’s not that I am much of a golfer, but I appreciated the work she put into them and how well they looked. The most important thing is that the buns tasted wonderful and my enthusiastic indulgence will require a few minutes extra exercise this week.

Regular visitors to New York City will know that cupcakes are have been very popular and fashionable for some time now. No visit to Greenwich Village is complete without picking up a cupcake from Magnolia Bakery on the corner of Bleecker Street, although I must say that what my daughter produces is preferable in terms of overall taste and texture. But the variety and creativity of the cupcake bakers is remarkable.

All this got me thinking that this could be a new business opportunity for some energetic and gifted person. With Irish golfers, cricketers, and rugby players making the sporting headlines in recent days, what if some enterprising bakery could produce cupcakes that reflected the success of local sportsmen? In which case, we might have to hold fire on “A Lion’s Lunch” (an over-sized cupcake with red icing) or “Rory’s Hole in One” (a bite-sized cupcake that can be made to disappear in one mouthful) or even “McCallan’s Googly” (a cupcake full of surprising hot spices from the sub-continent). “Big Davy’s Delight” (a big calorie cupcake with unmistakable royal blue icing) could be a great favourite in all the Lisburn Road coffee shops around five o’clock on a Saturday afternoon. Although I have to admit it’s hard to imagine a middle-aged Blue man saying to his mate after a hard-earned draw against Cliftonville, “Are ye going to Roast for a cupcake?”

After this weekend’s display in Durban, I would be delighted if I could consume a dozen “Tommy’s Touchdowns” (sticky enough not to fall from your hands before being properly “grounded” in your mouth) before this Lions’ tour is over.

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  1. Hi,thought of adding the above mentioned cupcakes to our after church suppers menu, however,before doing so I thought I would seek advice before adding them to my favourite tray bake plate of ‘orange creams’.Would this combination sit comfortably on the plate together? or should they never be united? Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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