Independence Day Celebration


In a typical “Irish” way, the US Consulate General in Belfast had a celebration of the 4th of July Independence Day on 26th June. It turned out to be a glorious afternoon at the Consul General’s home at Shaw’s Bridge. Susan Ellis, the current Consul General, has served for three years in Belfast and this summer she moves to a new diplomatic post in Moscow.

Among the friends that we met there was the new Lord Mayor of Belfast, Naomi Long, a hard-working Presbyterian, who has gained much respect and support in our community in recent years. We wish her well in her new position as First Citizen of Belfast. She will bring much energy and enthusiasm to that job.

As you would imagine, we got round to discussing the recent situation with the Romanians in south Belfast, and the need for us to continue to work for significant changes in our community. I know that the Lord Mayor would endorse the sentiments expressed so well by Stephen Cave in this week’s Friday Night Theology article published by Evangelical Alliance.


It was also great to catch up with Peter McKittrick, a son of First Portadown Presbyterian Church, who does such a great job as Press Officer at the US Consulate.


Also present as regular attenders at this event were Rev Alan Mitchell and his wife, Doreen.

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  1. Read with interest the account of ‘ the do ‘ at the US Consulate .Am wondering that if Peter ( McKitterick ) is,’ a son of First Portadown …’ does this mean , given my age , that I’m a grandson? On first glancing at the photograph , I assumed that the Moderator was standing beside Peter and Mrs Mckitterick .Then I realised that it was Mrs Carson!

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