Ramelton extension

dsc01766It really took me by surprise to see my name on a plaque alongside the name of Francis Makemie! It was a great afternoon of thanksgiving and celebration in Ramelton, in the home congregation of “the father of American Presbyterianism”. The Presbyterian congregation of Ramelton, whose minister is Rev Amanda Best, has extended their church facilities in a most excellent way as they continue their work and witness in one of the most picturesque areas of Ireland.


It was noteworthy that we opened the new rooms on American Independence Day, July 4th, and named them after Rev Dr Scott who had served the Ramelton congregation for over 40 years. Members of Dr Scott’s family had travelled from Dublin and Glasgow to share in the service, and it was a great opportunity to remember Dr Scott and to acknowledge God’s goodness and faithfulness in the life of the congregation.


The original meeting house, known not surprisingly as The Old Meeting House, dating from Makemie’s day is still standing and is now used as the town’s library. The first minister in Ramelton was a grandson of John Knox.  It is amazing to be connected with a congregation and a reformed tradition that can trace its history back to the Reformation as well as having such a strong connection across the Atlantic.