The Moderator has no clothes …. Photos to follow!

Seriously, my luggage did not travel with me to Addis Ababa and I have only what clothes I am currently wearing. This is a big frustration but as well as clothes I am missing my good Bible and all sermon notes. So I had to preach at church this morning without notes and with Patricia’s Bible. I think it went OK. It was wonderful to worship with an African congregation drawn from a low income area of the city. They were so warm and welcoming, and so enthusiastic in everything.

I am also without phone charger which will make keeping in touch a bit difficult.

Maybe the Lord is teaching me an important lesson about making do with less and coping with a bit of personal discomfort. This is proving to be a very interesting and challenging trip.

To be continued….

UPDATE :  My missing baggage has now been recovered!

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  1. aw im sorry bout the clothes and especially the bible i can imagine how frustrating that is somhow we get used to our own bibles – i can find verses easier in my own! i hope everything turns up soon

  2. Yes, travelling can be a chastening experience! I arrived into Newark a few weeks ago (off a flight from Chicago)and realised I had lost my passport! Just as I was contemplating an unscheduled overnight stay in New York ..and an emergency visit to the British Embassy, the Lord provided ….cleaners found my passport!

    Really enjoying your blog. May the Lord grant you and Patricia journey mercies in Ethiopia.

  3. Hi Moderator, I’ve just read about your travel troubles on the BBC News page! Glad to hear you got your clerical collar back!

  4. Very annoying that.
    I suppose when travelling in Africa you have to expect such mishaps.
    Originally from Belfast, I worked in Nigeria for VSO a while back and found travel to be one of the most stressful aspects of my charity work there. Roadworks would be denoted by a branch of a treee wedged in a hole in the road! A bit tricky to see at night.

    I’m sure you’ll get to see some great Christian Aid projects on your travels. I know from experience that they carry out very effective work throughout the content and beyond.

    God bless.

  5. I think your point is valid that perhaps it is a lesson about our comfort etc. In the west we find it hard to do without the everyday necessaties yet many in the world do not have the things we would regard as basic……

    a p.s – when i go on missin trips I always put talks etc in my hand luggage!!

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