Lord knows He tried

If I was ever of a mind to use visual material in a service of worship, or a rap for that matter, then this might just be on my list! It will thrill some people and irritate others, but it certainly makes a good theological point that has been debated for many centuries. Methinks if John Calvin were around today, he might just tap his foot to this one!

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  1. OUR LORD JESUS CHRIST makes it perfectly clear,that he came to seek and to save those who where lost,not the rightious,or the self-appointed elect.In fact he warns us all, that on the final day many self-rightious,self-appointed,gatekeepers and self-approved members of the elect will be told,BE GONE I NEVER KNEW YOU.

  2. Terrible format but sound theology! Good to make contact with you again, Stafford. Derek

  3. Agree with Derek Thomas (Aberystwyth? or formally) awful format but sound.

    The message that stood out for me was this – “they will call His name Jesus because He WILL save His people from their sin”

    truly amazing

  4. Would consider using this one myself. So unusual to hear so much Biblical & Presbyterian (the former being pre-eminent)truth in just one rap.

  5. Charlie, I think you will find that biblical means Christian and from a scriptural position this rap was sound – unorthodox yes but very sound. It clearly articulates the truths found in scripture, explained in the Westminster Confession of Faith and expanded on in the Catechism of the Presbyterian Church – a much under used resource.

  6. Guys, if you don’t mind me saying, this is fast turning into, ‘he raps the truth, he raps it not’, and my daisy is running out of petals.

    Can I make a completely different point?

    We in the church seem to think that communicating the gospel to the culture around us means trying to figure out which medium is best for carrying our message, and we have built a whole sub-culture on the idea. Point to almost any feature of Western culture and there is an evangelical version of it claiming to be ‘relevant’. We are absolutely fantastic at this. We can write music, design buildings, produce magazines, organise programmes and conferences each with a flavour of their own… and largely, we’re reaching ourselves.

    Can I suggest that when it comes to ‘relevance’, that there is nothing more relevant than simply listening to these around us, engaging with them (on their ‘turf’), sharing their pain, easing their loneliness and understanding their story.

    And just to be clear, I don’t care which instrument we bang, pluck or blow, I just think we’re more than a ‘medium’, and we’re more than a theological debate.

  7. @ultonian
    Sorry to have to disagree ultonian,Uneducated i may be but daft i am not,Biblical means, of,or in the Bible.The Bible consists of two books, the first relates mainly to the Jewish Scriptures,which were deliberatly misinterpretated and misused by the Elect of the Jewish Church to Crucify our Lord.The second book relates mainly to the Saving Gospel of Jesus Christ,and the Christian Church. Thankfully the Gospel of Jesus Christ is deliberatly easily understood.So sincere Christians dont have to rely on the Elect of the Jewish Church,the Elect of the Presbyterian Church, or the man written Westminister Confession of Faith,to understand that salvation is justified by Sincere CHRISTIAN FAITH,not by UPPER CLASS PREDESTINATION.

  8. @Buddy Kirwan
    GO AHEAD BUDDY,forget about the Sound Theology sound bites.Why dont you just enlighten us all,by telling us in exactly which part of the Christian Truth in YOUR Bible, do you imagine,that Jesus Christ proclaims Salvation by Predestination.

  9. Charlie, like many before you and undoubtedly many to come – the truth of the scriptures you can miss but be assured your lack of understanding will not prevent your salvation. Salvation is of the Lord, from start to finish and that says it all, so this rap represents that truth.

  10. @ultonian
    SORRY ULTONIAN,THE LORD KNOWS I TRIED, but if you are unwilling to humbly accept the unmistakably clear Gospel of the Lord Jesus, from the mouth of the Saviour,I suppose there is no point in a poor constantly stumbling Christian like me,trying to enlighten you.

  11. Charlie, I genuinely don’t want to enter this with you, believers have disagreed on this point of theology for centuries and clearly entering into it here will not resolve anything.

    So lets in Christian brotherly love agree to differ.

  12. Haven’t been on the site for a few days, but I loved that track. Thanks for the post Stafford, see you soon.

  13. Stafford,

    As a younger member of the Presbyterian Church in Ireland all I would like to say is that this post is very encouraging!Maybe our ministers aren’t as out of touch with the younger generation as so many think they are?…and maybe a group of good bible-believing Presbyterian churches could get guys like Lecrae and Shai Linne over on a joint venture….a catalyst for a young and reformed movement within the PCI perhaps?!

    Soli Deo Gloria!

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