Phew! Ulster won!

ulster-players-celebrate-their-crucial-win-in-edinburghThere will be a collective sigh of relief among Ulster rugby supporters that their side won against Edinburgh.  And with a bonus point, they appear to have secured a place in the Heineken Cup competition for next season. That should encourage those supporters who had hesitated on renewing their season ticket membership to take the necessary action before the end of the month.

The past few weeks have been a depressing time for the Ulster rugby team and their supporters as their season appeared to have gone into free fall with no indication that they would ever start winning again. But with this win, and the prospect of being included in all the major competitions next season, plus the arrival of some new players, we can look forward to better days.

Spare a thought for our local Portadown rugby team who lost out to City of Derry on Saturday and have been relegated. There was a big crowd at Chambers Park, just across the road from the manse, and they enjoyed a spirited contest in warm spring sunshine. But it all ended unhappily for the home side.

Sport can be so enjoyable, but I need to remind myself that it is not the ultimate source of fulfilment or happiness in my life. Everyone connected with sport as player or supporter recognises that it can be desperately disappointing at times. But in spite of the disappointments, we always remain hopeful. There’s always next season.

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  1. At last, but support isn’t only about winning, like life! Especially when you know the final score!

  2. Stafford, I didn’t know you were a sports fan… perhaps we’ll talk some sport this morning at the Wycliffe office…

  3. And due credit to Ian Humphreys, who reportedly was decisive in the change of play after the break.

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