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It’s over six weeks since we met the Secretary of State about the PMS crisis, and this is the report of the first meeting of the Ministerial Working Group which was promised and which took place today. Here is the press release from the Northern Ireland Office:

Secretary of State for Northern Ireland Owen Paterson today chaired a meeting with Peter Robinson, Martin McGuinness and Sammy Wilson to assess progress to date in seeking a resolution for the thousands of members of the Presbyterian Mutual Society who have been unable to access their investments since the Society entered administration in 2008.

Northern Ireland Minister Hugo Swire and Mark Hoban, the Financial Secretary to the Treasury, also attended this first meeting of the Ministerial Working Group on PMS which was reconvened at the request of the Prime Minister in an effort to find a fair and just resolution for PMS members.

Speaking after the meeting, Mr Paterson said: “Both before and since the General Election, the Prime Minister and I have been firm in our commitment to finding a fair and just resolution to this crisis.

“We are fully aware of the urgency of this matter.

“The meeting confirms the will which exists both in Government and in the Northern Ireland Executive to work together in seeking a solution.

“There is no easy answer, but I am keen to consider all available options to ensure PMS members are treated fairly.

“We have identified several courses of action which will be pursued with urgency over the summer, and we are all clear that it will be important for PMS members that we reach a conclusion as quickly as possible after that.

“We will meet again at the beginning of September”.

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  1. WE are running around in circles but going no where . It would appear that sadly we have to treat this money as lost. Presbyterianism has let us down. WE did not squander our money. WE might as well have as those we entrusted it to did. It is time that those who lent this money were brought to account. This appears to be secret.I do know that many Presbyterian ministers lost their retirement lump sums by investing where they thought it was safe.I am not talking about a little money but on Behalf of the Following.
    1. SElf – £13640
    2/FAther in law – £19,000 aged almost 93 and pretty infirm
    3/ Friend – £5000 – Looking after a mother of 90
    4/ Grandson – £3000 Had to get through university without this which was saved for this purpose
    5/ Grand-daughter £3000 – One year completed at University-This would have been useful
    Total £43,640.
    Yet we have the sad situation of ministers still holding on to their present pension scheme which the churches cannot afford to fund.If this is christianity where do we go to now.
    A disappointed Presbyterian.
    Isobel Mc Ferran

  2. 1. Self 202,000.
    2. Wife 28,300
    3. First Daughter (In legal training) 12.300
    4.Second daughter (third year medical student), 13,500.
    5 Sister and husband 36,000
    6Sister and husband 19,000
    7First Nephew 900
    second nephew 800
    Yes Isobel we all have been through a traumatic time. Dr Carson deserves are full prayerful support for the huge effort he has brought to the problem.
    Those that are accountable, culpable. Government departments, Secretary and Directors, accountants, debtors, Patience and time will bring the answers.Let us all pray for a just solution.
    Support Dr Carson and the panel which he and others lead.
    Congregation approx £440,000.

  3. I am Sorry to hear of your sad situation with the PMS. I feel that DR Carson did his best and was really interested in trying to find a solution . A just solution is what all of us want but sadly there are many people who will not live to see it.The part that really anoys me is the legal situation that leaves those with less than £20,000 with very little hope. Thay may have no other assets. Whilst there are only 10,000 members of our church directly affected we do not know how many others of their families may be indirectly affected by legacies etc.My husband was a church treasurer for many years and sadly it was legacy income that helped fund many projects . THese might now dry up so the wider church may feel the pinch.

    Still living in hope
    Isobel Mc Ferran.

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