Rob Bell and Martin Bashir

Here’s a great interview conducted by Martin Bashir in which he presses Rob Bell on the contents of his new book, Love Wins. Bell is obviously struggling, especially with this question from Bashir:

“You’re creating a Christian message that’s warm, kind, and popular for contemporary culture. . . . What you’ve done is you’re amending the gospel, the Christian message, so that it’s palatable to contemporary people who find, for example, the idea of hell and heaven very difficult to stomach. So here comes Rob Bell, he’s made a Christian gospel for you, and it’s perfectly palatable, it’s much easier to swallow. That’s what you’ve done, haven’t you?”

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  1. I have read the book. It’s well worth reading. If you haven’t read it… You have nothing to say.

  2. Nothing to say? Emmmm. How ’emergent’. Try asking emergent leaders questions (I have) and you’ll suddenly find that questions are no longer allowed, it is one of the great ironies of the emergent movement. I’m the perfect fit for an emergent christian BTW, evangelical, 25-45 age group, drifted in and out of church, tired of fundamentalism so let’s not close down conversation… but perhaps we should let Martin Bashir speak.

    An interview with Martin Bashir on his interview with Rob Bell:

  3. Warwick, just wondering… do you agree or disagree with Rob Bell’s book? Books can be well worth reading; I’ve read many a theological and religious book and believed it to be both a worthwhile thing to do and a book worth reading, but did I always agree with it? No, not always.

    So, do you agree with “Love Wins”?

  4. Bell and his publisher certainly ‘win’ in the short term. When was the last time we talked as much about a book?

  5. The Da Vinci Code, The Shack… any theme emerging…?

    Yet, well worth reading them.

  6. I was trying to remember the title of the Shack, which to be honest I didn’t read. I did look at the Da Vinci code. Found it boring in the end. Back on message, on other websites some thought Bashir was too harsh – he’s a Redeemer member after all. Personally, I thought he was just doing his job as a journalist. Agree?

  7. why are we so in thrall to these evangelical writers/Christian leaders from the US and debate/talk about what they say or mean, or don’t mean?

    And I mean them all from Rob Bell to John Piper, Brian McClaren to now the flavour of the month Tim Keller. If people are going to read and publish Christian books how about starting publish leaders from Asia, South America, Africa and Europe instead of always listening to North America?

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