Gilcomston South to leave the Kirk

churchindexThe Scottish Daily Record reports that Gilcomston South church in Aberdeen will be one of the first to leave the Church of Scotland following the decisions of this year’s General Assembly with regard to the possible opening of the ministry to couples in same-sex relationships.

Dominic Smart, the minister, is reported as saying

“This is us taking a stand against a decision we’re not happy with. It’s the strongest response a congregation can make and it’s a very serious step. But our convictions are clear. We have been discussing this for two-and-a-half years and feel our views are being compromised. However, you feel the gravity of what you are doing and it’s not something you do as a kneejerk reaction.”

The former minister of Gilcomston South was the well-known William Still, who exercised a powerful and influential ministry there for many years. Over the last 70 years, it has become one of the Kirk’s most notable evangelical congregations and Mr Smart and his congregation own the church building on Union Street.

5 Replies to “Gilcomston South to leave the Kirk”

  1. Its a brave decision by Gilcomeston South Church to leave the CofS, but I am glad to see that they are taking a stand for what they know to be right.

  2. As a fellow Presbyterian it is very sad that this break should have to happen but I wholly respect the Gilcomston South congregation for rightly putting God ahead of the denomination. Sadly too many forget that it is Christ we are serving. We answer to God not man.

  3. I am a former member of Gilcomston South and was married in that church. The decision to leave the Church of Scotland will achieve nothing. It will further dilute the Christian Church and will mean that Gilcomston South will no longer have any influence or say over the Church of Scotland. People must do what they believe to be right. Yet the decision frustrates me. This congregation is not being asked to do anything against its will or conscience. Leaving the mainstream Church is to fire a big gun – but it is a gun that can only be fired once. Ultimately I believe that their decision will weaken both the congregation and the wider Church, It’s a sad day indeed.

  4. @ Ross:
    Yes you are right. At least they show their being strong for standing in what they believe is right.

  5. Would the congregation have left under the leadership of their previous minister? I don’t think so.

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