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Those who have followed the debate on homosexuals in leadership within the Church of Scotland will be interested, and perhaps moved, by this account by my friend, Carl Trueman. In spite of an apparent discussion and debate, it seems that we were correct in our assessment that the direction taken at last year’s General Assembly in Edinburgh is being followed through, with serious and sad personal implications for conservative ministers and members of the Church of Scotland.

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  1. AS a form of support, PCI should prepare to accept them and be willing to organise in Scotland if necessary.

  2. 1 st down ward step in pci women elders and ministers ……..contrary to scripture
    how then can you not allow homosexual ministers ?? only a matter of time

  3. Why Would PCI organise in Scotland? Making yet another Presbyterian denomination in Scotland. Surely it would be a better outcome if those coming out of the C of S united with other like minded Presbyterians to form a proper reformed and biblical denomination in Scotland itself?

    Why should the PCI stick its nose in where it is not needed? As someone who works in Scotland this would be a total disaster! The Church in Scotland doesn’t need us telling them what to do. It needs to get over petty differences and start working together to reach Scotland once again with the gospel. I’m glad to see that in small ways this is beginning to happen.

    but please PCI say out of it! pray and offer support yes but don’t add another flower pot to an already overcrowded greenhouse!

  4. @cmt
    There are accounts in scripture of women in leadership, which can justify women’s ordination particularly in the reformed understanding of collegial leadership. There are no equivalent accounts of homerotic relationships to justify the church blessing in any sense such relationships. (David & Jonathan is a close same sex friendship but not a sexual one as Stafford has demonstrated in a previous blog).

  5. no body argueing with david and jonothans relationship nor the position of women in leadership roles within colleges etc my point is the scriptures state that an elder is to be a man ..husband of one wife the reason there are women in leadership within the church is because scripture was ignored and men took a vote …….some where down the line the same will happen with homosexual s wanting to be ministers and leaders a vote will decide the outcome not scripture i,m not agreeing with it just saying it,s going to happen

  6. The response of CoS to the Scottish Government’s Consultation Paper gives some cause for encouragement.
    At least for the present we’re not as far down the revisionist road as some have feared – marriage is even mentioned in the same breath as the church’s subordinate standards!
    Maybe a few more of some of the majestic content of WCF may also surface at such a time as this.

  7. cmt is probably right,the sales of fudge will rocket when the issue of homosexual ministers comes to the assembly.God’s Word will be ignored and men and women who have crept in unawares will win the day. Where are the men whom God has called to the ministry, I call upon you to “Stand up, Stand up for Jesus, ye soldiers of the cross”. There will be a mass exodus from PCI if they ever vote to accept homosexuals for the ministry.

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