Christians can make a difference

Manny Ortiz, with Ron Sider and John Perkins at the opening of the new Esperanza Health Center

Here’s an inspirational account of the difference Christians can make in a difficult urban community. Spirit and Truth Fellowship, under the leadership of my dear friend, Manny Ortiz, has initiated a number of programmes which have transformed their local community in the Hunting Park district of Philadelphia. Manny’s wholistic approach to mission and ministry in this urban area has resulted in a vibrant church that brings blessings and benefits to everyone.

Susan Post, Director of Esperanza Health Center
Susan Post, Director of Esperanza Health Center

The Esperanza Health Center, which was developed out of Spirit and Truth Fellowship, is under the direction of Susan Post who was my former colleague in the administration at Westminster Theological Seminary. Susan, with degrees in engineering, business administration and theology, is a gifted administrator with strong theological convictions, and a heart for serving others in the love and power of Jesus Christ. Under her leadership, Esperanza provides a compassionate ministry to many people in the community who have no health insurance.

At the recent opening of new facilities for Esperanza, Manny was joined by two highly influential Christian leaders in community development, Ron Sider and John Perkins. We wish Susan, and her team at Esperanza, every blessing and much grace as they continue their strategic work which makes such a difference to so many people.

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  1. Following all the hoo-hah about where we should and shouldn’t purchase our five-a-day, it may be worth redirecting the attention of readers to this entry; I suspect that the popular evangelical church on this side of the pond has a thing or two to learn from Manny Ortiz.

    The church has a choice: we can cast ourselves in the role of petty-minded and separatist protest group, opposed to everything from versions of the bible to how much fun you can have on a Sunday; or, we can seek the peace and prosperity of the city, serving others, living the gospel, loving those who are quite unlike us. To quote from one of the linked articles, “The evangelical Christian church has spawned seven offshoots. “It’s what happens when a church decides to love a community. A more intentional spirituality, seeing our whole lives as an expression of faith in a specific place.”

  2. AMEN!! to what Peter has said on the article about Christians making a difference…exactly my thoughts. Thank you. Stephen

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